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Labor & Employment Law for Management

Accomplished Texas Employment Law Attorney Offers Sound Counsel to Management

Experienced firm helps businesses in the Houston area manage issues relating to workers

Regardless of your company’s size or the industry in which it operates, complying with employment laws and maintaining positive relations with employees is an essential aspect of a successful business.  Erdos & Co., PLLC provides employers in the Houston area and throughout Texas with day-to-day counsel on compliance issues, representation in employment agreements and employee policy drafting, and strong advocacy in cases stemming from worker complaints.  Whatever the particular task entails, I am dedicated to helping your business achieve its objectives.

Dedicated lawyer advises clients on compliance issues 

Keeping apprised of the latest developments in Texas and federal laws that control workplace matters can seem like a full-time occupation. To keep you focused on your real job — running and promoting your business — my firm handles all types of compliance matters.  I can simplify the complex standards associated with workers’ compensation issues and laws such as: 

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
  • Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)

Bringing in a qualified attorney to assist with compliance concerns could be a valuable investment that saves you from serious problems down the road.

Skillful advocate handles various types of employment disputes

Even a careful employer is subject to legal disputes that can drain company resources if those disputes are not handled correctly. My firm advocates on behalf of small and large businesses in a wide range of cases stemming from:    

  • Discrimination and harassment claims — If a worker alleges that they were victimized by unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, I investigate the claim thoroughly and press to defeat unwarranted claims.  Oftentimes such complaints land before the federal EEOC or a state counterpart agency.  Sometimes a simple misundertanding underlies an employee's termination, and I think there is a valid role for the EEOC's mediation process in those cases.  Where agency mediation does not make sense (or fails), I believe in presenting a statement of position that fully exposes any unwarranted claims or discrimination or discriminatory pretext.
  • Termination and severance matters — Regardless of the reason, it is important to end an employment relationship in the right manner. I advise clients on dismissal grounds, severance agreements, noncompete rules and nondisclosure pacts.
  • OSHA complaints — Safety is a paramount concern, but the relevant rules are complex.  Oftentimes, OSHA citations are premised on an incomplete understanding of the actual workplace conditions and contain inflated proposed penalties.   Since the deadlines to contest citations are fairly short, I am used to stepping in on a rush basis to evaluate the standards, the facts, and the penalty calculations to develop a strategy for the informal conference and timely notice of contest.  

With a strong background in administrative matters, settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial advocacy, I work diligently to obtain the best possible solution in an expedient manner.   

Knowledgeable adviser drafts effective workplace documents

Without strong workplace rules and clear, enforceable contracts, your business could be at risk. Drawing on my experience in litigation and advisory matters, I create documents that safeguard what you’ve built. These documents include: 

  • Workplace manuals and policies
  • Employment agreements
  • Noncompete and nondisclosure agreements
  • Termination and severance documents
  • Reports on workplace incidents

For situations involving these and other documents, I don’t just draft the paperwork but also ensure that you are comfortable with the particular language and that each word accurately reflects your interests.

Contact a Texas employment and labor lawyer available to protect your business

Erdos & Co., PLLC represents businesses in labor and employment law matters throughout Texas. Call me at 281-201-0949 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Sugar Land office.

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