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Business Formation

Knowledgeable Texas Attorney Helps Clients Form New Business Entities

Reputable law firm advises business owners in the Sugar Land area on liability and taxes

Opening and running a business can be equal parts exciting and frustrating. Having a legal adviser guide you through the formation process gives you the security you need to start on a firm foundation and grow your business confidently. At Erdos & Co., PLLC, I am dedicated to providing the most practical and appropriate advice for your business. By understanding your expectations and financial capabilities, I can better address your needs by helping you to choose the entity that fits your goals and tax structure that limits your personal liability. Ultimately, I aim to support clients in the Sugar Land area and all across Texas as they seek business success and prosperity.

Experienced counselor helps you select the appropriate business entity

There are many considerations when choosing the business entity most appropriate for your immediate and long-term goals. I listen to your objectives and consider the services and products you will provide as well as the ownership, governance, capitalization, taxation and liability responsibilities you may need to handle. At Erdos & Co., PLLC, I help you weigh the pros and cons various business structures:

  • Sole proprietorship — Under this business model, a single person owns the company. While it is the least expensive and easiest way to start a business, it leaves the business owner legally liable and personally responsible for business debts.
  • Partnership — When two or more people wish to start a business, they can establish a partnership. The partners share profits and are jointly and individually liable for each other’s business actions.
  • Limited liability company — LLCs might be slightly more complex to establish than a sole proprietorship or partnership, but their primary advantage is that the owners are not personally responsible for business debts.
  • Limited liability partnership — When you run your business as an LLP, each partner gets liability protection from the actions of the other partner(s) but remains responsible for their own liabilities and debts.
  • Corporation — C or S Corporations give liability protection to their shareholders.
  • Nonprofit Corporation — Federal and state tax exempt recognition usually starts with the formation of a nonprofit corporation.

Small businesses, mid-size companies and large corporations all have different needs and priorities. To set your business on a solid footing, I will evaluate your current circumstances while providing the flexibility to change with your circumstances.

Reliable lawyer provides continued support to owners and boards

After your business is formed, questions and concerns will arise as you hire employees or independent contractors, set up benefit plans, draft contracts, form business partnerships, secure the services of other companies, share profits, pay taxes and more. I encourage my clients to call me for assistance with any issues they encounter. At Erdos & Co., PLLC, I advise business owners and corporate boards on matters such as:

  • Corporate bylaws
  • Banking and lines of credit
  • Insurance coverage
  • Investment strategies
  • Corporate compliance
  • Employee contracts
  • Business-to-business contracts
  • Negotiating and drafting buy-sell agreements

If disputes arise and litigation becomes necessary, I zealously advocate for your financial interests in the boardroom or in the courtroom.

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