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I have handled a very wide range of business transactions, including master service agreements, contracts for the sales of goods and services, patent and trademark licensing, software development, employment and consulting agreements, equipment leasing, bills of sale, and confidentiality agreements.  

A portion of my business practice has  involved clients buying or selling companies.  This merger and acquisition work has covered most of the industries I have represented.  My wide range of experience covering all legal aspects of business operation has given me particular insight in the due diligence required for purchasing companies that are in active business, but it also helps selling companies prepare for the due diligence they may face from prospective buyers.  

Dedicated attorney develops fair and enforceable contracts

I work to make sure the terms of your contract clearly reflect the wishes of all parties involved and the agreements that have been reached. A well-written contract can reduce the need for future litigation by clearly detailing the proper procedures in all foreseeable situations. At Erdos & Co., PLLC, I handle:

  • Contract drafting — I draft contracts with an eye toward protecting your best interests in light of contingencies. I will take the time to listen to your goals and advise you on the various considerations and precautions that apply to your specific circumstances.
  • Contract review — You should not sign a contract written by another person without first having an informed legal professional look over the terms and point out changes that better protect your interests. My firm provides meticulous contract review services.
  • Contract modification — If you and the other party agree to make changes to an existing contract, I can draw up amendments to reflect the new terms. In some cases, it may be advisable to create a new contract instead.

I review draft contracts as often as I prepare the initial drafts.  In either case, I start by determining exactly with whom my client is planning to do business.  I have learned that a well written contract is still no substitute for doing business with the right party; written contracts comes into play mainly when that is not the case.  So I frequently vet the opposing party through public records to confirm that they are what you expect for your transaction to succeed.

Almost all disputes over contracts involve either the scope of goods/services or payment.  I've been sent many, many contracts that my clients were willing to accept without change until I asked three simple questions : (1) Did they leave anything out you expected to be in?  (2) Did they add anything you didn't want or expect? and (3) Is there anything you want me to add or change?

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If your company is in the process of drafting or negotiating a contract, or if a contract has been breached, it is wise to seek legal help promptly. Call Erdos & Co., PLLC today at 281-201-0949 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Sugar Land office.

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