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Since 1993, Erdos & Co., PLLC has provided quality legal services for businesses in Sugar Land, Texas, and throughout the greater Houston area. My firm works with companies of every size and at all stages of operations to help business owners and managers avoid legal difficulties and realize their objectives. With more than 30 years of business law experience, I am able to serve a wide variety of clients, including manufacturers, distributors, and service providers.  Providing transactional services, litigation advocacy and general counsel, my firm helps local, regional and national businesses address a full range of legal matters with their best interests in mind.

Knowledgeable attorney helps launch new businesses 

One of the focuses of my law firm is helping clients achieve their dream of starting their own business, especially businesses formed to commercialize new technologies.  As a seasoned attorney, I can assist you with navigating the complexities of the corporate world and help you decide which business formation option works best for you.  For entities with multiple owners, I recommend putting in place a thorough shareholders' agreement to serve as the road-map for ownership changes, including such involuntary changes as divorce, death and bankruptcy.

I enjoy representing emerging growth  companies.  They typically have the greatest legal needs and the least available capital to meet those needs.  Having spent seven years at a law firm led by one of the country's leading patent attorneys, I understand the issues involved in the patent prosecution process, and the business decisions that must be made along the way.  You need to protect your investment in your new technology from the inside and the outside, which is largely done by contracts - whether with vendors or employees.  My experience with emerging growth companies helps me recognize the issues you face in these relationships and protect your long term interests.

  . . . and helps existing businesses grow

Once your business has been established, I can continue to help it grow by advising on corporate compliance issues, regulatory challenges, premises expansion or acquisition, growth of your workforce, insurance coverage, and other aspects of operations.   

One avenue of growth is through acquiring existing businesses, and mergers and acquisitions have been a component of my practice for the past thirty years.  My process involves use of nondisclosure agreements specially tailored for an acquisition, detailed letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements tailored to the size of the transaction, and a clear and organized closing process.  Because most transactions involve substantive dealings between the parties post-closing, any ancillary agreements to be signed at closing should not be off-the-shelf forms added as an afterthought on the eve of closing.  I try to start start outlining the key terms of any ancillary agreements anticipated in the letter of intent, with drafts available at the time the purchase and sale agreement is also being drafted and reviewed.  

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Erdos & Co., PLLC is dedicated to providing sound legal advice to business owners and managers throughout the greater Houston area. I provide the personalized assistance you deserve and offer cost-effective rates for my services. Call my Sugar Land office today at 281-201-0949 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

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