Providing Multifaceted Legal Guidance to Businesses & Their Owners

Clients and attorneys alike tend to pigeon-hole attorneys into legal specializations.  Attorneys gravitate towards specializations in spite of the fact that most client needs are multifaceted.  My goal is to provide command over a broad base of legal problems and solutions to meet my clients' needs.  My multifaceted experience allows creative and practical solutions to difficult client problems.

Experienced lawyer helps businesses in Texas and elsewhere find favorable and cost-effective solutions

Since 1990, I have been providing business clients with high-quality legal representation.   When you need help addressing legal issues that can impact your business, it’s in your best interests to partner with a reputable attorney who will advocate for you and your business interests.  My AV Rating from Martindale-Hubbell signifies the highest level of legal ability with very high adherence to ethical conduct, reliability and diligence.  Since 2009, Martindale-Hubbell has also listed me on its Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers in Business Law.    

Even before being licensed in 1990, my full time work at a law firm for four years in all aspects of intellectual property and construction litigation gave me a wealth of experience.  The firm was founded to represent new technology start up companies, and I continued doing so when I left the firm in 1993 to form my own practice, handling technology based clients in the biotech/medicine, software, mining, and petrochemical fields, and working closely with their patent counsel.  

In 1995, I began 25 years as outside general counsel of North America's largest glass recycling company, which added significant experience in environmental, OSHA, industrial real estate, and employment law matters, across the United States.  

I combine this experience with relatively low overhead.   Unlike most corporate counsel with my experience, I do not need to pass on the cost of expensive premises and extensive staff to my clients.

A wide diversity of clients contributes to the diversity of experience

The more I represent a business client in its field of business, the more I gain insight into the industry, and the better my representation becomes, not only in that field, but in others that may have similarities.   As a result, I have a very broad base of experience in handling legal issues rising in widely differing business contexts: aerial surveying, biotechnology, car repair, construction, construction cost estimation, consulting companies, copy services, engineering, exempt organizations, food manufacturing and distribution, health spas, home health care, industrial manufacturing, industrial services, information technology, medical transcription, mortgage brokering, oil and gas services, pest control, physical therapy, publishing, quarry services, software development, recycling, residential property management, retail stores, safety products, sales and distribution, staffing companies, and steel manufacturing.  

Thorough legal advocate serves clients effectively

Your business and legal issues deserve close attention from a highly qualified attorney.  The best outcomes require skilled advocacy coupled with a strategy.  My job as advocate is to take the facts, apply them strategically to applicable laws and regulations, and present my clients' positions in honest and clear communications.

My approach to effective advocacy involves understanding the forest and  the trees.  I like to set big-picture goals with my clients, but to get there, the  details matter most.  I spend the time needed to learn and organize facts and documents, including review of the publicly available records, so I can properly assess problems and solutions and develop a strategy that makes sense.   My own research often results in information that my clients did not know about their business partners (or adversaries),  but should have.    

Knowledgeable attorney delivers skilled business representation

I offer trusted legal support in the following business practice areas:

  • Business law — Whether you need help forming a business entity to align with your goals or you want guidance on a contract law matter, you can trust me to provide you with straightforward guidance.   I serve as registered agent for over 75 entities, most of which I formed.  I bring extensive experience in many types of contracts to the table in drafting and reviewing contracts.  
  • Commercial & industrial real estate — I am familiar with buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate  and industrial real estate across the country, including the review of Environmental Site Assessments, as well as the requirements that ESAs must meet under applicable ASTM standards and the CERCLA safe harbor.   For two years in the late 1990s, I handled all industrial lease transactions for an NYSE traded environmental service company, and that gave me a strong foundation in environmental issues related to commercial leasing which I have utilized regularly ever since.  
  • Employment law (management only) — I counsel employers on maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations and represent them in employment law disputes over alleged discrimination, wrongful termination and more.  I have handled dozens of charges of discrimination before the U.S. EEOC and its state counterparts, without any findings of discrimination made by the applicable agency.  I have overseen several class action lawsuits involving wage hour violations, as well as numerous  lawsuits alleging age, gender, and disability discrimination around the country.    Within Texas, I've handled many employee terminations for misconduct which have been upheld by the Texas Workforce Commission.  For many years I represented a Texas staffing company in its dealings and disputes with customers, employees, the EEOC, and the Texas Workers Compensation Insurance Fund.   Finally, I do not represent individual employees in claims against employers. 

Finally, on an individual level, many of the owners of  businesses I have represented have turned to me for help in Estate PlanningResidential Real Estate Transactions, and Dispute Resolution.  While these are not practice areas I actively promote for marketing purposes, I still have considerable experience and support them when possible.

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